Comics By Celebrities

IDW have announced that not are they publishing Star Trek comics, but they’ll soon be publishing a graphic novel plotted by Mister Sulu himself. It may sound weird, but it’s not the first time George Takei has contributed to the comic book industry; he co-wrote Star Trek Annual v2 #1 with Peter David, a very good done-in-one tale that I’d definitely recommend to Star Trek fans.

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Music From Poundland: The Simpsons Sing The Blues


The Simpsons Sings The Blues was released at a time when The Simpsons as a franchise was still very much in its infancy, long before it turned into the shambling, soulless monstrosity of piss-poor characterisation and celebrity cameos that it’s become. As a result, it’s a rather interesting time capsule of Matt Groening’s vision for his creation. Continue reading