I love a good license…

As the title intimates, I’m a sucker for a licensed anything. I got into comics via DC’s Star Trek, Dark Horse’s Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even Bongo’s The Simpsons. Only last week I claimed that one of the greatest comics to be published in the last ten years was The Muppet Show Comic Book. And you know something? I stand by that statement.

But it’s not just licensed comics that I love… I’m also a sucker for licensed games. Video games have always been a fount for licensed games; I have fond memories of my older brother playing World of Illusion on the Mega Drive, and the both of us trying X-Men Legends on the Playstation 2. I have DuckTales Remastered on my Steam Library (expect a review from me sometime in the future).


From what I recall, Beast was useless in this game, which is a shame as he’s one of my favourite X-Men.

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Christmas has been and gone…

… so I might as well have a quick rundown of some nice little seasonal things I’ve come across over the past week or so. No time like the present…


It’s always a little tradition of mine to listen to more radio in one fortnight then I normally do in six months, thanks to my going through the much-beloved Christmas Radio Times issue with a fine-tooth comb and highlighting any programmes of interest. Aside from a couple of documentaries highlighting how Christmases are spent in other cultures which were amusing and enlightening, there was one particular programme that I absolutely loved: Crisp And Even Brightly. Continue reading