It Came From Steam… AGAIN!

Remember when I talked about how my Steam Library had just over 100 games? Well, now it’s got over 150 games. Will I ever learn? Probably not, so let’s go through some more games that I’ve actually gotten round to playing.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM-Enemy-Unknown-header Continue reading


Danger Mouse (2015): Is it any good?

Slight confession: I never really grew up with the original Danger Mouse. I was aware that it had been on television before I was old enough to watch those kind of cartoons, but it had never been repeated on TV until the turn of the millennium, when Boomerang kept showing reruns of the same half a dozen episodes. They were very good episodes, but you can only watch DM on The Orient Express so many times…

Nevertheless, I still have fond memories of the show (and slightly fonder memories of Count Duckula, a show that was shown when I was a toddler) and was mildly optimistic when I heard they were rebooting the show with an all-new cast for CBBC. Having watched every single episode show thus far (CBBC decided to get the first 15 episodes out of the way, then put it on hiatus) I can say with some authority… yeah, it’s pretty good. Continue reading