Wednesday PSA: Get YOUR Ticket to the TREASURY of BOOKS!


C- I love libraries, but the kids’ reactions are all so generic, the whole thing smacks of the “Hey kids, learning is fun!” nonsense that pervades pretty much everything aimed at children these days. I guess some things have been around longer than we think.

Also, nobody has ever read Moby Dick of their own volition and gotten more than a dozen pages in before being demotivated by the dense text. Believe me, I know.


Wednesday PSA: Buzzy in “Start The Day Off Right!”


A- I love Buzzy’s open-mouthed consternation at his friend’s poor behvious in class, as well as the panel where Danny realises “Oh wait… I’m kind of an idiot!”, but I have to mark points off for not mentioning how important good sleeping patterns as well. I realise the writer only had so much room to work with, but he could’ve easily fitted something else in.

Wednesday PSA: Buzzy Says “Free Speech– Free For All!”


It’s almost time for local elections in my country, so I figured I’d use a (vaguely) politically-based PSA for this update. Buzzy – not to be confused with Binky – was DC’s other Archie knock-off, arriving two years after Riverdale’s most famous resident.

As to the PSA itself – A: a solid message, succinctly told, that can appeal to people on either side of the spectrum. Shame nobody seems to pay attention to little details like that these days.

Wednesday PSA: Binky in “Know Your Community!”

I’m starting to realise that it’s a bit lazy to only update once a week, so I thought I’d introduce a little something to tide you all over for the mid-week blues.


If you don’t remember Binky, don’t worry – he was the star of Leave It To Binky, an Archie knock-off that managed to win a Shazam Award in the 1970’s. I certainly can’t fault the message: Learn more about the problems at hand and what you can do about them, instead of sitting around complaining. That said, surely it’d be just as important for Joe’s father to learn about all this, rather than just Joe and his friends.

Overall: B+. Good message, but needs to expand further.