Comics and The Olympics

Rio 2016 is coming along quite nicely, and it’s had quite a few surprises, including Kosovo’s first medal amongst others. As with any long-standing institution with a good reputation, comic books have tried to cash in on the hype train.

Okay, “cash in” is putting it a bit strongly, but there is usually an increase of sports-related stories in comics whenever The Olympics is running. As you’d expect, listing all of them would be an exhaustive (and exhausting) task, so I’ll just list the ones I like best. Continue reading


100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: An Interlude


I thought now would be as good a time as any to explain my own thought processes behind this odd little case of editing after the fact. As I keep saying, this publication isn’t a bad list… it’s just quite frustrating. There are some genuinely amazing comics in there… and there are some bloody odd ones too, and I don’t mean the nice kind of “odd”. I’ve been quite nice so far, but there’s going to be at least one update in the near future where that won’t be the case. Continue reading