Comics By Celebrities

IDW have announced that not are they publishing Star Trek comics, but they’ll soon be publishing a graphic novel plotted by Mister Sulu himself. It may sound weird, but it’s not the first time George Takei has contributed to the comic book industry; he co-wrote Star Trek Annual v2 #1 with Peter David, a very good done-in-one tale that I’d definitely recommend to Star Trek fans.

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100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part XIX

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while, but real life intervened, alright?

The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract


The original “100 All-Time” suggested the NTT Omnibus Volume 3, which is just silly if you ask me.

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Comics and The Olympics

Rio 2016 is coming along quite nicely, and it’s had quite a few surprises, including Kosovo’s first medal amongst others. As with any long-standing institution with a good reputation, comic books have tried to cash in on the hype train.

Okay, “cash in” is putting it a bit strongly, but there is usually an increase of sports-related stories in comics whenever The Olympics is running. As you’d expect, listing all of them would be an exhaustive (and exhausting) task, so I’ll just list the ones I like best. Continue reading

Wednesday PSA: Get YOUR Ticket to the TREASURY of BOOKS!


C- I love libraries, but the kids’ reactions are all so generic, the whole thing smacks of the “Hey kids, learning is fun!” nonsense that pervades pretty much everything aimed at children these days. I guess some things have been around longer than we think.

Also, nobody has ever read Moby Dick of their own volition and gotten more than a dozen pages in before being demotivated by the dense text. Believe me, I know.