100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part XX

Yes, I know I said I was going to be done with this by 2016, but I wasn’t expecting 2016 to be the year the two most prominent members of the Anglosphere decided to fuck everything up for funsies, was I?


Scalped: The Gravel In Your Guts

Leaving aside the fact that this trade paperback collects #19-24… actually, I won’t. Why? Why would you recommend somebody start a series at #19 in a 60-issue series? There’s no point! If I was telling somebody about a TV show I liked, I wouldn’t go “Just skip the first episode… actually, you should probably start a third of the way in” because that’s bloody mental.

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get onto the comics itself… yeah, it’s okay. Got some interesting scenes and characters. No idea what it’s doing on a list that claims to be nothing but “all-time greats”, but that’s why I’m on a blog that updates whenever I feel like it, instead of making the big bucks selling “bookazines” at WH Smith for £9.99 a pop.

The Replacement… Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Volume 1: Great Power

Image result for spider-man epic power

Yeah, I just replaced a Vertigo comic with a Marvel superhero run so old it’s almost eligible for its bus pass. What are you gonna do about? Nothing, that’s what!

Look, the original Lee/Ditko Spider-Man comics have more pathos, inner turmoil and fantastic art than you can shake a stick at. Everyone and their grandmother has pointed out how completely ground-breaking this series was at the time. Want to know something else?

All that praise is entirely justified. All of that praise, for a comic run that is almost 54 years old at the time of writing, still rings true. I could go on and on about the composition and the juxtaposition between comedy, tragedy and perfectly-choreographed action, but instead I’ll just post some of my favourite panels that Smilin’ Stan and Sturdy Steve.


‘Nuff said.


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