100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Once again, an interlude

I have been doing this fortnightly series for some time now (almost since the very beginning of this blog) and I must admit, I’m getting a little tired of it. After all, there’s only so many times you can say “This comic is very good, but it isn’t great”. Therefore, I intend to conclude this particular series on its 25th installment. Whether this means I shall “only” be debating the merits of nine comics remains to be seen… I’ve done double and triple features before.I suppose one of the most frequent questions you may be asking as you read through these entries – it’s one I’ve asked myself more than once – is “Why? Why bother correcting something like this?” and it’s a valid point. It’s not as if there aren’t other publications of this nature, i.e. comic book guides for any newcomers, showcasing the various genres that comics have embraced (and in some cases, invented).

On top of that, Uncanny Comics themselves released an updated version in 2015, about a year after the first edition. I know this because I also bought a copy of that version, as well as the 2014 edition, in the hopes that it would improve matters. It didn’t really, but I have been using the more recent version for reference, just for the sake of being contemporary if nothing else. I paid full price for it, I might as well use it for something.

Maybe that’s why I’m still stubbornly plodding along – just to prove that I haven’t wasted £20 of my money on something that’s never quite managed to quite live up to its billing not once, but twice. As I have said on numerous occasions, this “bookazine” (seriously, why?) is by no means a bad read, just an occasionally frustrating one. I’m not sorry that I started this, but I will be pleased when I’ve finished it.


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