House of Perfectly Reasonable Explanations: “The Hidden Author!”

Here’s another bit of filler from House of Mystery v1 #6


Once again, DC Comics got the gist of it right… they just omitted the parts that prove it was all a hoax. First of all, there’s no proof “Patience Worth” even existed, let alone that she was buried in anyone’s vineyard, so I’m not sure what they’re trying to pull in panel 2.

Secondly, Pearl Curran did indeed publish books allegedly dictated to her by Patience, but they had several “minor errors” in them, including several made-up words. To further complicate matters, “Patience” also wrote a novel set in the Victorian period… a couple of centuries after she died.

As to the idea that Curran had “an average education”, contemporary sources state that she was well-educated, but had been pushed into learning music over literature by her pushy mother. It’s almost as if she was trying to pursue a career in writing through a clever marketing gimmick…

Funny, that.


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