100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part XIII

They say 13’s unlucky for some, but I plan on getting through this self-imposed flummery before I die of old age, so let’s get to it.

Finder: Voice


Going through this list as exhaustively as I’ve done, it’s good to remind myself that Imagine Publishing made this list in order to recommend comics for anyone looking to broaden their horizons. To that end, I have read some of the comics recommended to me by the staff at Uncanny Comics, if only to see what made them choose those particular titles.

Sadly, as you may have already gathered, I don’t consider Finder: Voice a worthy recommendation. Aside from the fact that it’s near the end of Finder‘s overall story arc (not the first time Uncanny Comics has pulled this kind of malarkey) there’s also the fact that… well, it’s interesting, I guess.

Faint praise aside, Finder: Voice just made me wonder if maybe I just wasn’t smart enough to “get” it. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with me not getting it, but at times it felt like McNeil was working hard to make things opaque for me. Besides, if you’re going to include a webcomic, even if it’s just a token example…

The Replacement… Lackadaisy Cats Book 1


… you might as well use the one that’s actually the best.

Lackadaisy Cats is a webcomic about the lives of people connected with the less-than-successful Lackadaisy Speakeasy at the height of Prohibition in 1920s America, and the various methods the people employed there use to ensure they survive, and are still relevant amidst the turmoil that is their lives.

The main focus is on the almost suicidally optimistic Rocky, his naïve cousin Calvin and the owner of The Lackadaisy, Mitzi May, widow of the previous owner. There are others (stoic Slav Viktor, perky flapper Ivy) all of them are trying to find their place in the world, or at least not get killed in the process.


The amount of detail Butler puts into her work is inspiring.

The characters are all compelling, but there’s another reason why you should read Lackadaisy Cats – it’s beautiful. It’s the only webcomic where I read each update twice, purely so I can drink in every detail that Tracy J Butler pours into every single panel. The physical book might be hard to track down, but you can always subscribe to her Patreon, like what I do.


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