I love a good license…

As the title intimates, I’m a sucker for a licensed anything. I got into comics via DC’s Star Trek, Dark Horse’s Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even Bongo’s The Simpsons. Only last week I claimed that one of the greatest comics to be published in the last ten years was The Muppet Show Comic Book. And you know something? I stand by that statement.

But it’s not just licensed comics that I love… I’m also a sucker for licensed games. Video games have always been a fount for licensed games; I have fond memories of my older brother playing World of Illusion on the Mega Drive, and the both of us trying X-Men Legends on the Playstation 2. I have DuckTales Remastered on my Steam Library (expect a review from me sometime in the future).


From what I recall, Beast was useless in this game, which is a shame as he’s one of my favourite X-Men.

But what’s really caught my interest are licensed roleplaying and board games. I’ve currently got two different kinds of Star Trek roleplaying games (since you asked, FASA and Last Unicorn Games) as well as a few modules for the 80’s DC Heroes RPG. I’ve even got the super-obscure Lawnmower Man RPG, in which there’s a very slim chance of your character being able to enter cyberspace… bearing in mind that The Lanmower Man was all about entering cyberspace.


That, and hilariously dated CGI.

I am similarly drawn to licensed board games, but that particular siren call has been my undoing on several occasions. I once tried collecting The Simpsons TCG after buying a few decks at the UK Games Expo on a whim, before realising that there were perhaps a dozen people in The United Kingdom who remembered that the game even existed, and it was unlikely any of them lived within travelling distance of me.

I recently tried buying Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game a while back, after hearing it was a precursor of sorts to Last Night on Earth. I thought I’d got it for a steal at £10 off eBay… only to discover (thanks to Flip The Table) I’d bought Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game, which is a much inferior beast which is a good 900 or so ranks lower than its counterpart.


Left: garbage. Right: enjoyable Ameritrash. Know the difference, it may save your life.

So, why do I keep buying these games? Well, I suppose I just like the way they replicate how those shows and movies feel, and that’s kinda neat to me. Besides, who doesn’t want to pretend they’re a part of their favourite show?


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