100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part VII

Today’s update is a timely one, in its own little way. How so, you ask? Well, you’ll have to read it, won’t you…

Death of Superman


I really do hate playing it safe (say it with me: “This comic is really good, but it’s not great…”) and this comic has some great fight scenes, not to mention scenes with incredible pathos, but a weak and all too dated ending knocks this down rather a lot in my estimation.

damn 90's comics

There are no words.

The Replacement… Superman vs Muhammad Ali


Given that today is Ali’s 74th birthday, it seemed only fitting to include one of his greatest fights… even if it didn’t actually happen. Denny O’Neil came up with the (admittedly rather novel idea) of pitting The Man of Steel against the then-Heavyweight Champion, but Neal Adams was the one who gave his heart and soul to make this. It’s Neal’s favourite comic that he’s ever worked on, and it shows.


There aren’t enough words.

Adams put so much effort into every single person, every single punch, every single line of this graphic novel, ending up in something filled with such a human touch, juxtaposed with aliens and machines in a way that would be foolish to call “effortless”. Ironically, this labour of love ended up taking so long, that Ali had already lost the heavyweight title to Leon Spinks. Personally, I’d say it was (almost) worth the wait.


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