I know I normally post on a Sunday, but this is something I have to do

Name: [This deity has been known by several names, most of which are known and accepted even by unbelievers]

Symbol: Orange-red lightning bolt with a blue “shadow” on the  upper-left

Home Plane: Mars

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Portfolio: All types of artists, although musicians are more usually associated with him (there are rumours that this particular god is venerated by goblins and has an emnity towards gnomes, but there appears to be no verifiable sources for such claims)

Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good

Domains: Stars, Magic, Children, Mind, Good, Creation, Rock

Favoured Weapon: Music

This deity has taken many forms throughout the ages, but his presence is unmistakeable. He has inspired countless people throughout the land, although his insistence that order should be challenged means that his followers are usually at odds with society to some degree. By the same token, this god’s insistence on peaceful revolution, love and acceptance of others does mean that Lawful Good characters will usually get along with this deity’s followers.


This particular god believed that all mortals – and society in general – would become better once everyone accepted that love was not some antiquated thing, and realised that change needed to come from within as well as without, once the mind is ready to accept that. His followers believe in exposing any abuses of authority, never to ignore those less fortunate and to not merely tolerate difference, but embrace it with all your heart.

Clergy and Temples

Owing to the deity’s reluctance towards traditional structure, there are no churches for him. However, his followers maintain that as long as they have love in their hearts and at least occasionally worship his teachings in order to better understand them, then such things are unnecessary. Clerics of this god are not as common compared to bards, and those few have little in the way of offensive spells, even for clerics… although Baleful Polymorph is a favoured spell for those who wish to (literally) take a particularly malevolent bully down a few sizes.

Huge thanks to the D&D Wiki and /tg/ for inspiration… and thanks to David Bowie, for so, so much.


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