100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part IV

Well, MCM Comic Con put my schedule out of step, but no matter…

Snowpiercer 1: The Escape


This entry more or less encapsulates one of the main problems I have with Uncanny Comics‘ publication; comics that are on the 2014 list that just so happen to have been made into movies. There are about a good 20 comics there which have been/will be made into movies… although I’ll admit some are a little spurious on my part; the Civil War movie has only been announced quite recently, nobody wants to remember the fact that the Tank Girl movie existed, and who even knows about the Lone Wolf and Cub films? However, the fact remains that there is a rich seam of “recentism” pervading the whole list, which I’ll get to later. For now…

The Replacement… Asterix and Cleopatra


It’s hard to pin down the definitive Asterix book, but Asterix and Cleopatra makes it a lot easier. The fact that it was made so early in the strip’s career merely serves as a testament to René Goscinny’s and Albert Uderzo’s ability to keep the formula fresh, even after making their magnum opus. There’s something almost effortless about the way Goscinny & Uderzo (and Bell & Hockrige, of course) work together on this story to capture the grand majesty of Ancient Egypt; like a dance by Fred and Ginger, the whole thing flows smoothly and energetically, and is just so much fun to see – I defy anyone to get through this book and not smile at least half a dozen times.

There, I managed to recommend a great comic that didn’t get turned into a mo-


… Oh. Well, at least I didn’t include a comic that’s had a recent mo-


Angry skull & crossbones, curvy dagger, swirl, wonky star [ad infinitum]


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